वस्तुशास्त्रनुसार मॉडर्न घर का डिज़ाइन नक़्शे के साथ

At a glance, this luxury house may look like it’s going to cost you a fortune to build. But in truth, it falls under the category of houses that can be put together within a low cost.

Inspired by a flat roof, the architect has made sure not to bring in the softness of curves into this building design. Instead, he has focused on perfecting all the fine lines and sharp edges found throughout the house.

The walls are laid bare and plain. But this could be taken as an effort of the architect to heighten the distinctive beauty of the windows.

You’ll notice how the first set of windows are separated by a particular design in the middle. The plainness of the their glasses only serve to match well with the thick glass found on the balcony railings.

The entrance to the house, on the other hand, is surrounded by granite walls. This may not be very much visible, but beautiful nevertheless.

Both the storeys of this house cover an area of 1950 square feet, out of which 1350 square feet are occupied by the land. Together they host 3 roomy bedrooms with attached bathrooms – with no room for complaints.

A beautiful porch with parking space for one vehicle, sit-out, comfortable living rooms on each floor, expansive dining, spacious modular kitchen with a convenient work area and store, beautiful balconies and an open terrace for recreation are some of the other facilities included in the plan.

house plan specifications

Ground floor : 1350 sq. ft.
First floor    :   573 sq. ft.
Total Area   :   1910 sq. ft.
Bedroom     :  3
Bathroom     :  3

Facilities on the plan

Sit Out
Work Area
Open Terrace

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